Postpartum Core Recovery

Childbearing and childbirth is physically demanding for the mother.

Many moms live everyday with a sense that her body is no longer her own.

Diastasis Recti (separation of abdominal muscles)

Poor posture

Weak Pelvic Floor -
Incontinence / Prolapse Signs

Pelvic/Hip Pain

Lower or Mid Back Pain

A feeling of weakness or poor core connection

Why is this happening?

It is not uncommon to hear of postpartum women feeling “disconnected” from their midsection. Back aches, poor posture, a bulging belly that wouldn’t go away, incontinence and Diastasis Recti — these are common symptoms that ail many moms that are absolutely NOT normal, and shouldn’t be accepted as a part of life.

Diastasis Recti is the separation of the Rectus Abdominis (commonly known as the 8-pec muscles) down the midline. Fortunately, not every woman who has been diagnosed with abdominal separation suffers from adverse effects. Those who do, however, feel poorly due to a compromised Functional Core Fitness. Their core muscles can no longer support them physically in their day-to-day activities.


Image from Babycentre

If you experience any of the above symptoms or more, it is time for you to consider our holistic Postpartum Core Recovery Programme

This 5-Session programme is designed to address the root cause of the problem. Within these 5 training sessions, we help women connect to their deep core muscles, which are designed like a natural corset that wraps around your entire trunk. You will learn to regain the ability of stabilizing your spine and pelvis, which is functionally essential to support your body for the daily physical demands of the modern mom. Say No! to pain and dysfunction – motherhood is hard enough as it is!

Due to the uniqueness of every woman, this programme is completely bespoke and conducted 1-to-1. These are the possible locations:

1) In studio 

2) At your home