Symptoms of "Aging"?

Imagine running after the bus, or laughing a little too hard at a comedy, and suddenly you're struggling to hold back your urine.

Imagine again picking up after your toddler's mess, and feeling that bothersome backache every time.

These are typical signs associated with aging, and yet more and more women living with them are not even in peri-menopause! Even post-menopausal women should be saying NO to these symptoms. They may be "common", but most definitely not "normal"!

How is this Workout Anti-Aging?

Having Integrated and Functional Core Strength is vital to the modern woman of all ages. Our Pelvic Floor muscles, like a trampoline, when supporting the weight of what goes on top of it – the pelvic organs and the trunk above it – needs to stay resilient and elastic to support us as we age!

Above all, our trunk must support us when we are upright. Learn to exercise with your spine in “neutral”, and with the proper breath technique, train your your deep core and pelvic floor to unconsciously activate to support you as you move around. Build the strength to age well from the inside out!

Programme Benefits:

  • Improving core strength and coordination
  • Improving bone density through body weight exercises
  • Harnessing the power of foot-to-core sequences to improve balance and reduce potential for “falls”
  • Enhancing mental well-being by regulating the mind-state through the power of mindful movement.
  • Get introduced to the proper breathing technique to activate deep muscles, without bulging or bearing-down
  • Understand and learn how to exercise in a neutral spine alignment

Anti-Aging Core Cone is conducted in a group setting.

Classes available in these formats: 

1) In studio 

2) Off Site (Corporate / Private)

3) At Home (Private)

We do not advice clients with existing pelvic floor & core problems to attend our group classes. If you think you are experiencing challenges or are new to us, please check out the following programmes: