Jasmine Lee - Coach

Women’s Wellness Coach


Jasmine is a teacher who finds great joy in helping others. She loves working with people who are determined to get better and has an affinity with people who are into sports. An active and adventurous person who delved into Muay Thai, Parkour & Gymnastics, Jasmine believes in pushing her limits, in a safe and measured way.

Having suffered from an injury at an early age, Jasmine was attracted to Pilates because it is effective in enhancing her core strength, balance, alignment and mobility, which she felt are important factors in sports performance. She also loved how Pilates gave her a platform to deepen her knowledge in kinesiology so that she can help her students achieve sports performance, and overcome any psychological fear of injuries. This knowledge has also helped her in overcoming her scoliosis as an inhibition to her movement.

Jasmine strongly believes in being an independent learner. She strives to teach all her students to overcome any physical limitations and become independent in their quests to sports excellence.

In Jasmine’s own words:

“During my participation in sports, I have witnessed Urinary Incontinence (UI) in… guess what, young women! Many of them also complain of pain in the groin, back, and hip without realizing that the culprit could possibly be – the Pelvic floor! Yes, the Pelvic floor is often the missing link in exercises and training.

What is unfortunate, and also what I feel strongly about, is that many women think that UI and pain is something that they have to learn to live with. And it is not that fault! The pelvic floor is often overlooked as a possible problem because many healthcare professionals are not trained in screening for dysfunction of these muscles.

I would love to be part of the training regimes of women who lead active lifestyles, or want to regain control of their bodies. Even if you are having no issues currently, it is vital to be at least be aware of your pelvic floor, learn how to use it, and keep it strong (especially when doing high impact activities, coughing and sneezing, or carrying heavy babies… yes mummies, you lead an active lifestyle too!)

In this society in which women play several roles (as a mother, daughter, and wife) with many responsibilities, it is easy to fall into the trap of putting others’ needs before self’s, and neglecting their personal needs. I envision myself to empower women to indulge in self-care – nurturing themselves emotionally and physically. To every student I’ve taught, I couldn’t emphasize more that self-care has to be a priority. I want to be there in their journeys – to hand them their oxygen masks – letting them know that taking a break for self-care is not an act of selfishness; it is vital for women to lead a rich and fulfilling life.”

Kris Ng - Coach

Women’s Wellness Coach


Kris believes that Pilates is a way of life and the MUST-HAVE foundation for any other forms of sports and mobility fitness training. She has been practising Pilates for the past 22 years and teaching for 15 years.

She specializes in working with women in their 30s and beyond who balance family and career to maintain their energy levels and mobility fitness so they shine at work and at home and enjoy balanced and meaningful lives.

She teaches to effect a positive and independent change and continues to witness how empowering it is for her students when they move better and well.

In Kris’s own words:

“I want women to be proud of their female bodies and psyches. I want to empower women to embrace how we have a different physical story from men and celebrate these differences. With the onset of our menstrual cycles to menopause, and for a lot of us, pregnancy and postpartum too, we experience tremendous physical changes. These differences mean we are more prone to pelvic floor issues, amongst other challenges. I want to show women how we can own our unique ‘body story’ by establishing a connection, or reviving a lost connection, with our physical bodies.

My desire to work with women has been amplified now that I am a mother of a one year old daughter. Having gone through major changes (not just physical) while pregnant, I believe more than ever that an exercise program has to be tailored to each woman based on what she is going through.

I also know first hand how it can feel impossible to move and exercise with family (especially with young kids) and work commitments but it can be done, and it must get done as a crucial first step to pelvic floor recovery so your body can be in an optimal state to enjoy your families, work and your personal passions now and during the later stages of your life.

Women have a tendency to put others before themselves and feel guilty when they take time to care and nurture themselves. We need to realise and remember that we can only be the best daughter, partner or mother IF we put themselves high on the priority list.

I want to give permission to women to feel okay to listen to their bodies and learn how to dial their exercise programs up or down as required in order for her to feel centered, balanced and supported, not more anxious or frazzled. There is no one best workout for all. The exercise program that is best for you is the one you can incorporate as part of your routine or lifestyle and that is sustainable.

Know that it is never too late to start! Armed with the right knowledge, the right exercise program done correctly and mindfully, and a commitment to take ownership of your body and life, you are already on your way to a better version of you!”

Peishan Cheng

Women’s Wellness Coach, Managing Director


Being an educator has always been at the heart of Peishan’s work. As a professional of over 15 years in the competitive advertising and film industry, her work mantra centred around building a cohesive team through extensive sharing of knowledge. Peishan left the corporate world behind to become a Yoga teacher. She later realised Pilates helped her to recognize how much it increased her level of body awareness and precision in movement. Her Pilates practice complemented the flexibility she already has by developing a strong core and eccentric muscular strength.

Using Pilates to effect positive physical changes in the people she work with is the main the driving force behind her work as a teacher.

In Peishan’s own words:

“I want to empower women of all ages and backgrounds to regain their self-confidence through physical wellbeing.

My personal perception of women’s pelvic floor health has been completely transformed after learning from leading Women’s Health expert, Jenny Burrell. During my training, I have come to realize the prevalence of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction amongst women. I found out that many women I know have been suffering in silence, accepting their fate as a “natural” process of aging. This made me want to help shift public perception and lift the taboo surrounding this topic, allowing all women to feel comfortable and safe to articulate their challenges, and to know that help is available.

My focus is in helping women regain control of their bodies after childbirth, and maintain a high level of functional fitness and independence that can support them through all subsequent phases of their lives. All too often, I witness mothers neglecting their own self-care, and giving priority to caring for their children and family. A woman is the core of a family unit. And if she thrives, her family would too.

Women are highly resilient when they are caretakers. I want to help them transfer this same energy into their personal wellbeing through a structured, mindful physical training that is relevant to their lifestyle. I want women to know that it is possible to take charge of your own body and learn the skills to do so again.”

Priscilla Phua - Coach

Women’s Wellness Coach


Priscilla is a fully-certified movement specialist who first encountered Yoga more than 10 years ago. She is now certified by Fletcher Pilates and BodyTree Academy in all apparatus and is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.

Safety of her students and effectiveness of each movement remain a priority for Priscilla as a teacher. Having personally encountered injuries, she puts her focus on her students to ensure correct movements so as to avoid injuries and improve overall strength and flexibility.

Priscilla aspires to help her students understand the importance of active movement, a combination of body-awareness, core-strength, and *prehabilitation (optimising physical functionality to prevent injuries) in their every day. Her passion spurs her to continually deepen her knowledge, as well as empower her students to experience the benefits that Pilates can bring to their body.

In Priscilla’s own words:
“In my years of teaching, I have taught mainly women and many of them have come to me for advice for female problems which they face for example, stress urinary incontinence during their workouts. And on a personal note, my mother also shared with me that she suffers from the same issue and that it is getting worse, which got me thinking how and what I can do to help. As I was not trained in this field then, I could not advise more. My lack of understanding spurred me to want to learn more about Women’s Wellness; and being a woman myself, I find that this topic is also very relevant to my own body and I could relate or empathise with the ladies who came to me on a emotional level. I do not have the same issues as them but I understand the discomfort and level of insecurity their problems have brought them.

As of now, I’d like to focus my attention on pre/post-natal females. I want to work with ladies who are self-motivated and strongly believe that they need to take care of their own body pre/post natal. Life of a modern woman is already demanding, and due to certain stigmas placed on women, it makes self-care after birth a ‘luxury’ or something which shouldn’t be prioritised. I attribute this to the lack of awareness, education of post-natal care. There are many pre-natal talks, courses, exercise classes in the market but it all seems to die down after birth. Post-natal care, from what I usually hear from mummies, usually stops at after the 1 month confinement and the Jamu massage they do after birth.

We must take ownership of our health and must not neglect our bodies. Cheesy as it may sound but we only have one body. We must learn to respect our body, love our body and take care of it. Only with a healthy and strong body, can we strive for other endeavours in our life and take on any challenges to come.

I want to give women I work with confidence; the confidence that they will see progress. Progress not only in physical terms, and also mentally. They know they are on the right track, they believe they will improve eventually.”